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Bitmap Metaverse
Connect, create, own – it's your digital playground built on Bitmap.
Embark on a journey of discovery and connection as you navigate through the metaverse, encountering new experiences, forming lasting friendships, and expressing your unique identity through a variety of avatars.
Empower your creativity on your Bitmap, where the horizon of possibilities stretches endlessly. From crafting galleries to hosting fashion shows, designing games, or any other venture, your digital realm is ripe for your imagination to flourish.
Take ownership of metaverse step by step, enrich your Bitmap with assets that resonate with your creative vision. With the versatility of BRC-420 assets and other inscriptions, your digital realm becomes a reflection of your imagination and ownership.
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Unleash the true potential of metaverse with the Founders Pass, providing an exclusive array of utilities to optimize your digital journey and establish your presence within our ecosystem.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Bitmap Land?
Bitmap Land is a dynamic metaverse owned by its users. Bitmap owners have the creative freedom to build their own virtual worlds, utilizing BRC-420 assets and other inscriptions to bring their visions to life. Players can immerse themselves in these captivating environments, exploring diverse landscapes and connecting with fellow adventurers for endless digital adventures.
What is Bitmap?
Bitmap is a consensus standard enabling users to claim geospatial digital real estate within a Bitcoin Block. Click here to learn more about Bitmap.
What is BRC-420?
BRC-420 serves as the cornerstone for metaverse asset management, empowering creators to establish usage rights and royalties for their creations. This framework cultivates a dynamic ecosystem, enabling seamless sharing and monetization opportunities for users. For further details, click here.
When can I start creating?
Bitmap Land builder is currently under development and is anticipated to launch by the end of Q1. In the meantime, you can get started by creating avatars, which is a straightforward process. Click here for more information.
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